Ice Explorer

Ice Explorer can float on top of the snow

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This vehicle was built for NATO by the manufacturer MAN. It was designed in the year 1980 and is still in production as a base unit for multi purpose use. This so called CAT A1 is designed to carry lot of weight off road over difficult terrain. It can cross a gab 1.9 meters wide and the depth of 2.0 meters of water. This unit has not been available for public use until now. ICE Ltd is the first tour operator to modify this unit with a passengers body up to the standard of today and the regulations required for passengers vehicle. It has large viewing windows hand all seats have 3 points seating belts. Seats are fitted in rails giving the flexibility of having 10 to 45 passengers. The air conditioning and the webo-heating units give the maximum comfort in all kinds of weather. As a off road vehicle the passengers body has to be separated from the driver house but it has a camera and a intercom system between the passengers and the driver. The vehicle is equipped with latest technology in communication such has VHF and Tetra transreceivers for operation and rescue work. It has Satellite Telephone and direct GPS Navigation System.

The weight of ICE Explorer is 20 tons and it has a carrying load of 10 ton, which gives it a lot of strength. The engine is a V8 Diesel giving 320  horse powers with a fuel injected system which can be run on Bio Diesel. The gear box has 16 gears with an automatic convertor which enables the vehicle to use the fuel with best effect.


Glacier Tour

But it has much more....

ICE Ltd has modified this ICE Explorer with huge tires specially designed to let the air out off the tires without loosing them off the rims, a so called bed-lock system. It has 25 tons of winch craft, both front and back, and a snow blade in front to clear any major objects. To make the boarding easier up the seven steps we have put a passenger- and a cargo-lift at the back of the vehicle giving us the possibility of transporting passengers in wheel-chaires.


Ice Explorer

But it can do more.....

The ICE Explorer with it's big tires gives this 30 ton vehicle the possibility to float on the top of the snow, touching the ground with less weight than a man walking or 1-2000 kg per m2 (square meter). With its 8 wheels on 4 axles it can easily cross the most difficult terrain which others cannot . The difflocks on all the wheels give 100% traction on difficult terrain. Crossing rivers or glaciers with full safety is not a problem for this ICE Explorer.

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